December 14, 2018 

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In 2018, after much consideration, we partnered with SickKids and decided to host our first event, a movie night fundraiser to raise money for neuroblastoma (brain cancer) research at SickKids Foundation. We sold tickets for a few weeks during lunch in the foyer at our school everyday. While most people could not attend the date of the movie, many were more than happy to support the cause and donate whatever they could. We were very excited to find out that our vice-principal was more than happy to provide us with the necessary food and to supervise our movie night on the Friday night. The movie that was chosen by the participants leading up to the date was Home Alone and the result was a success. Through this fundraiser, we raised over $300 in donations and we hope that it made a positive impact on the research team at SickKids Hospital. 



February 6 - 15, 2019

The mental well-being of the students at Alexander Mackenzie was also something that we cared about. Especially since exams had just ended and the new term had started, we decided to make the start of the new semester a positive one. With the chilly winter mornings and the gloomy skies, we believed that the morning boost of hot chocolate would make all the difference. Hence, we decided to have a week-long hot chocolate fundraiser in support of SickKids once again. We raised just under $200 in hopes to help make a small difference for the construction of the SickKids Hospital in Toronto.



April 2020 - Present


Project S.M.I.L.E was initiated to make a difference in the health community. It is hard enough to be a child and be hospitalized back when life was ‘normal’, imagine how much harder it would be with social distancing in place. We decided to take it upon ourselves and try to make these kids' lives a bit more enjoyable. We have decided to create activity booklets for them with some of the funds that we raise and the rest will go to the hospitals that need it amid the crisis. The funds from the Canadian SickKids Fundraiser page will be going to SickKids Hospital, and the funds from the Singapore GoGetFunding page will be going to KK Women's and Children's Hospital. This project will only be successful with your help and we are asking for your full support!

Update: We just opened the fundraiser on SickKids' fundraising website for SickKids Hospital and we can't wait for your support! Be the first donor and donate today at!