Project S.M.I.L.E. is our newest project and it was initiated to make a difference in the health community. It is hard enough to be a hospitalized child before the pandemic, imagine how much harder it is with social distancing in place. As a non-profit, student-led organization, we decided to take it upon ourselves and try to make these children's lives a bit more enjoyable. Some of the funds raised will go to making activity books for the children and the rest will go towards funding the hospitals that need it amid the crisis. This project will only be successful with your help and hence, we are asking for your full support! Every penny counts! 

These children need our love and support especially during these uncertain times. It is our responsibility to double our efforts to spread positivity and kindness. The least we can do now is to raise money to help the healthcare workers and to put smiles on the childrens’ faces.

Interested in helping us create activity books? Want to start this initiative in your area? Contact us now for more information by email or subscribe to our emailing list!

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